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"We're a family operated business with the belief of treating everyone like family"
- ATK Care Group Limited Credo


Thomas Kannampuzha founder, and current President and CEO of ATK Care Group Ltd. started his journey back in 1975 when he purchased Kilbarchen Nursing Home in Seeforth, Ontario. Kilbarchen was home to x residents. Thomas always had a strong passion to helping the most vulnerable and he instantly fell in love with the business of long-term care.  After operating Kilbachen Nursing Home for 3 years Thomas had the opportunity to purchase a 33-bed home in the beautiful township of Fordwich Ontario. In 1978 Fordwich Village joined under the umbrella of ATK Care Group. Thomas’ passion only grew and with acquiring Fordwich Village, his vision of operating multiple long-term care homes became a reality. Thomas was driven to make an impact to ensure the most vulnerable were cared for properly. 


In 1981 Thomas continued his passion and purchased a 119-bed long term care home in Sutton, Ontario called River Glen Haven Nursing Home. These homes were very far in distance from each other, however, driving to the homes daily was a small burden as the only goal was to ensure seniors received the best quality of care. 

 In 1985 Thomas ventured from acquiring LTC homes and wanted to develop a dream long term care facility. The opportunity arrived in Exeter, Ontario as he began developing a 44-bed LTC and 67-bed retirement community called Exeter Villa. The long-term care beds from Kilbachen Nursing Home we’re transferred to Exeter Villa, and Thomas developed an adjacent 67-bed retirement home. Thomas Kannampuzha is a leader and innovator in the long-term care industry and operated his homes with the motto of “a home away from home.” 

ATK Care Group remains a family run organization. In 2014 Jordan Kannampuzha, Thomas’ grandson began working at ATK Care Group, and spent time working in each department. Jordan pursued his post-secondary education for the sole purpose of being involved with ATK Care Group and shares a strong passion for working with the most vulnerable. Jordan completed his Bachelor of Health Science at Western University. A degree focused on health promotion, disease prevention, and the aging process. Following completion of his 4-year degree, Jordan attended the University of Windsor and successfully completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Healthcare Management. In 2018 Jordan Kannampuzha was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of ATK Care Group. In 2020 ATK Care Group has successfully operated for 45 years and continues to operate through innovation to ensure the best possible care for our residents.  

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