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ATK Care Group Limited is committed to a culture of ongoing quality improvement.
Quality Care can help Residents stay as healthy and independent as possible. We offer a wide range of care and services including nursing care, medical treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, special diets and recreation therapy. At ATK Care Group we ensure our Residents live with dignity, security, safety, and comfort.


Wrist Brace


Our approach to Falls Management includes assessing, determining risks, and strategies to Prevent Reoccurrences. Education is offered to the Resident, Families and staff.
Determining the cause of the fall could be anything from inappropriate footwear to medication side effects.
Environmental factors are also taken into consideration from poor lighting to bed rails and improper bed height.

Nurse Helping a Patient


Prevention of wounds is the ultimate goal. It is achieved by working together as a team to identify skin breakdown, implement interventions, and continuously monitor the condition of the skin.
A whole body approach is taken since healthy skin depends on a healthy, positive intake of nutrition and fluids.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


The best method of treating acute pain is to assess pain and treat effectively as soon as pain is apparent. Chronic pain can be associated with other chronic diseases and terminal illnesses. Our qualified professionals conduct assessments and monitor results to improve comfort.

Wheelchair Accessibility


Most Residents who get restorative and rehabilitation care need at least some physical therapy that may include Range of Motion Exercise, Muscle strengthening, Transfer training and Ambulation Assistance.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class


The Recreation Department offers a variety of programs in order to provide a healthy balanced lifestyle suited to each individual. Through initial and quarterly assessments, we are able to deliver programs to the Residents based on their ever-changing physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Active living is proven to increase quality of life, and therefore, our goal is to maintain or improve the abilities of each resident through involvement in recreational programs. Residents are encouraged to enjoy past hobbies, while also gaining new experiences and having fun.

Smiling Senior Woman



Our menus are developed by a Registered Dietitian in consultation with our Residents. The menu is modified twice yearly in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter and receives final approval by the Resident Council at the Home. This careful planning by our skilled team results in the preparation of tasty and healthy meal offerings that suit all preference and cultural needs. Additionally, we have experience providing specialized nutritional care such as diabetic, renal, and texture modified diets.

Monthly Food Committee meetings are held to address menu and dietary concerns, make suggestions for home-specific changes to the menu, and to provide input for Resident choice meals and theme meals.



Resident Council

Every Resident in our Home's is encouraged to join the Resident Council. The Resident Council is supported by staff. It is a forum for Residents to suggest improvements they would like within the Home and to discuss the Home.

Family Council

Families are encouraged to participate in the Home's Family Council as it has proved very effective in building strong ties between Families, Residents, and our Teams.

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